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Neuro devices


Our neuro devices from Integra NeuroSciences include CUSA ® Excel, CUSA ® NXT, Mayfield and Epilepsy products.

The CUSA ® Excel + Ultrasonic Surgical Aspiration System offers special features that make it a powerful ultrasonic tissue ablation in various surgical applications.

Exclusive features:

  • Tissue Select
  • TipSelect-wide selection of tips with dedicated tips for special applications
  • Unique CEM nosecone of coagulation and user-friendly management and set-up.

Integra's CUSA ® NXT Standard System has specific tips for Bone sculpture and Transphenoidal applications. The system is a compact and portable system. The CUSA ® NXT system touch screen display for intuitive parameter adjustment and easy access to system information.

Integra has become a world leader in the stabilization and brain retraction of neurosurgery. MAYFIELD ® and BUDDE ® product range improves surgeons’ comfort and improves patients’ safety.

Integra brings answers to surgeons' needs by providing complete solutions for procedures in adult and pediatric patients. In addition, Integra now offers a complete radiolucent solution for procedures including imaging techniques: Fluoroscopy, CT scan, and X-ray.

Available also from Integra is their brain mapping system and Ojemann system for epilepsy.



CUSA Excel+

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