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Neuro implants


Our neurological implant product line is provided by Integra Neurosciences and American Surgical Sponges.

Integra manufactures materials of Ultra collagen type 1 with different pore sizes.

Duragen comes in different sizes and a further development of Ultra Collagen type 1 is Duragen Plus and
Suturable Duragen:

Duragen Plus and Suturable Duragen is also CE marked as adhesion inhibitor. In back surgeries Duragen Plus may reduce scarring of the nerve roots, reducing pain caused by pressure on the nerve roots.

For Hydrocephalus management, we can offer Integra NeuroBalloon and different valve systems. The NeuroBalloon catheter is intended for expansion of prepunctured cerebral membrane fenestrations such as Endoscopic Third Ventriculostomies (ETVs).

The unique dual balloon design allows for quick, simple and precise positioning and maximum control, and this precise positioning is especially important during ETVs.

Introduced in 1987, the Orbis-Sigma valve was the first valve to control hydrocephalus through regulation rather than conventional differential pressure regulation.

Mediplast can offer Integra Flow Rate Valve System, Integra Flow Rate Low Pro System and Integra NPH Low Flow System.

Mediplast offers Integra Sundt™ Carotid Endarterectomy Shunts, which provide temporary carotid bypass during carotid endarterectomy procedures.
Our surgical sponges from American Surgical Company offers a variety of different material and sizes according to the type of surgery and surgeons preference.

American Surgical Company's mission has always been to design and manufacture with the highest quality in surgical sponges to neuro- and microsurgeries.


Dura repair

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pdf Brochure Duragen Plus and suturable.pdf 1580 KB 04-02-2016
pdf Brochure DuraGen Secure NEW.pdf 859 KB 04-02-2016
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pdf Brochure DuraSeal Xact.pdf 646 KB 18-06-2015

CSF shunts and neuro balloon

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pdf Brochure Neuro double Balloon.pdf 726 KB 23-01-2014
pdf Brochure OSVII Flow regulated shunt.pdf 950 KB 23-01-2014
pdf Catalogue CSF management.pdf 4818 KB 23-01-2014

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